SSIR on increasing voter turnout

SSIR on increasing voter turnout

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

During a presidential election year, we can expect more news coverage and paid political advertising. But does this actually mobilize potential voters?

The Stanford Social Innovation Review recently looked into this concept and found that those with higher levels of education are more likely to vote – due to the knowledge of how and where to vote, the candidate, and the issues at hand. Those with lower income and less education are often unaware of policy and ideological differences between candidates and parties, due to the “cost” of voting, which represents the time and effort it takes to learn enough about the election to be able to vote – and feel that the benefit of voting outweighs the cost.

The authors suggest that to mobilize these generally under-represented groups, provide more information on candidates’ and parties’ issue positions and ideological leanings, as well as how casting a ballot in favor of a candidate who best represents them can make a difference in their life. Read the full article here.

For a look at historical voter participation rates in the Gulf Coast region, go here.